Alpha One in 2015


Alpha One is now IFALDA listed training organisation.

2015 will be a busy one for Alpha One. With part time Flight Operations Course in progress and first full time, 6 weeks Flight Operations Officer course just around the corner (Starting 09.02.2015), Alpha One aims to establish itself as a key player in European ground operations personnel training domain.

Among the exciting projects, apart from full time and part time FOO Courses, Alpha One is now offering comprehensive 3 day  recurrent training for companies and individuals. Over the period of 3 years, dispatchers would revisit all disciplines important for their profession and get a grip with latest developments in the industry.

Equally exciting is current development of state-of-art online FOO course which will shorten the classroom time to only 2 weeks but ensure required proficiency to comply with the requirements of the flight dispatch profession.

Last but not least, Advanced Flight Dispatch Techniques Course shall hit the market in the second half of 2015 and offer to already active dispatchers the insight in some advanced techniques, ETOPS, flight economy management and worldwide operations tips and tricks.
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Looking forward to see you on one of our courses.


Alpha One Team