Alpha One, Malta based aviation training institution, gains accreditation from National Commission for Further and Higher Education


Malta NCFHE has licensed Alpha One and their Flight Operations Officer (Flight Dispatcher) Courses allowing students who complete the 6-weeks programme to receive the Level 5 Certificate of the Malta Qualifications Network and the European Qualifications for Framework for Lifelong Learning.

“This is a significant achievement. It is a recognition of our continuous efforts to provide aviation training and education at the highest standard, and also recognizes the increasingly important role Malta plays in the European aviation environment. We are confident that our courses provide the right set of skills and know-how to our students to reach their career goals and also keep the pace with latest developments in this fast-developing industry”, commented Tom Zorman, Alpha One Head of Training.
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Alpha One provides ab-initio flight dispatch training as well as range of tailored recurrent and advanced aviation courses based on EASA and ICAO legislation. Alpha One programmes are approved by Malta Department of Civil Aviation.