“Flight Dispatchers are the best kept secret of an airline???

For decades, the position of a Flight Operations Officer/Operations Control Officer has been considered as one of the most attractive jobs in the airline industry.

Dynamic, challenging, loaded with responsibility and decision-making – these are the most common attributes associated with flight dispatcher profession and atmosphere in the Operations Control Centers around the globe.

So, who is the flight dispatcher?

In short, it is highly trained and skilled professional with role to orchestrate the operation of the airline having in mind clear priorities: Safety, regularity, punctuality and economy of the individual flight and operation as a whole.

Whether a flight can be performed depends on a number of factors: wind, weather at destination and enroute, navigation aids and equipment, airport facilities, the aircraft`s technical condition and performance, fuel uplift needs and a lot more. The flight dispatcher`s job is to integrate, then evaluate all these variables to ensure that flight operation is conducted as safely and economically as possible.

Flight dispatchers/Operation Controllers are the main liaison to the cockpit crew. He/she is the person authorized by the appropriate authorities or airlines to exercise Operational Control, Flight Planning, and Inflight Assistance.

In today’s, constantly changing environment, sound foundation and training of flight operations officers is one of the key elements in the success of any airline

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