Duration: 3 days, 24 hours

Description: Aim of this course is to get theoretical and practical skills related to advanced dispatch, typically done be senior, well-experienced dispatchers. Course will cover in detail ETOPS, international operations, Trans-Atlantic and Pacific operations, re-clearance (decision point) planning, polar operations, operations to isolated airports, economy of flight. Course will also address specifics in operation to different world regions and associated challenges bringing a great practical value to the students and their organisations.

Who should attend: Course is logical next step for those successfully completing the FOF (Flight Operations) course (or similar) but is also recommended to active, experienced flight operations officers who want to reinforce the subjects mentioned above.

Price: EUR 720.- (special prices when booking more then one course, for members of EBAA and students)

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Syllabus: Full course syllabus is available here

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