Ab-Initio Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatcher Course

Duration: 6 weeks (30 days), 240 hours + 1 week study and exams

Description: During the 6 weeks training, students will get in-depth knowledge and qualification required for Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatcher position.

Programme meets and exceeds the requirements prescribed by ICAO Doc 10106 and EASA guidelines relevant to training of flight dispatch personnel (Flight Operations Officer) and is divided in 17 modules.

While programme is focused to give in-depth theoretical knowledge in subjects closely related to the role of the flight dispatchers and methods of operational control, it also extends far beyond the minimum requirements and offers wide variety of scenarios, exercises and problem-solution situations associated with daily work in modern aircraft operator environment.

Subjects covered: Duties and responsibilities or FOO, operations process, organisation of an air carrier, safety, regularity, economy of aircraft operation, air law, flight scheduling, aerodynamics, navigation, flight planning, aircraft systems, aircraft performance, aircraft mass and balance, air traffic control/management, human factors, emergency procedures, airports, aviation weather, communications in aviation, security and carriage of dangerous goods, practical dispatch exercises. Modular exams and final written and oral exam are part of the course.

Who should attend: Course is designed for personnel seeking position within operations control center as well as in all other service providers closely related to aircraft operations. It is also recommended to personnel already holding a position within the operations environment who seek adequate education in this field.

Price: EUR 3890.- (special prices when booking more then one course, for members of IFALDA, EBAA and students)

Notes: Also available as a part time-evening course (FOF(P)) where 240 hours are divided along 16 weeks (3 evenings on weekdays + Saturday)

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Syllabus: Full course syllabus is available here

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