2020 – Paving Educational Path for New Generation of Aviation Professionals

While we just left behind another successful year, we are getting ready to mark the 2020 with even more attractive education and professional training opportunities in aviation sector.

Our 2020 calendar offers range of courses to start your career, or widen your skills and know-how, in the aviation field:

  • Flight Operations Officer Course in both, full time format and part time format (evening sessions for employed individuals)
  • EDTO/ETOPS and Advanced Flight Dispatch Techniques
  • Foundation courses addressing regulatory, technical/operational matters
  • Ramp Supervisor/Turnaround Coordinator Course
  • Flight Dispatch Type Rating Courses

Our corporate clients will continue to benefit from range of tailored courses specifically adapted to their needs and we are keen to expand this field even further. We encourage you to contact us and discuss your training needs (foundation, recurrent, subject-specific…). Our corporate client retention of 100% speaks for itself.

Without a doubt, the most ambitious project in 2020 will be to establish, in cooperation with partner schools and universities the educational path which will allow the motivated individuals to enroll on the aviation journey and develop their practical skills and education at any point, from Secondary EQF level 4 education all the way to level 7 and Master’s Degree.

Our industry is changing, new skills and know-how are required. We have always been committed to prepare our students for career in aviation and help them to achieve their professional objectives. 2020 will bring modern, fresh ideas and approach that corresponds to the needs of the aviation industry for the decades to come.

Happy and successful 2020!

Your Alpha One Team